Werner H. Stemer FL Bar

Werner H. Stemer grew up in the Montafon Valley in Vorarlberg, Austria. He has lived in Florida since 1984 and makes his home in Fort Lauderdale. Mr. Stemer holds degrees from the University of Innsbruck, Austria (M.A.), from Florida International University (B.S., physics), from Kennedy Western University (Ph.D.), and from Nova Southeastern University (J.D., magna cum laude).

Mr. Stemer has more than thirty years experience in patent law and he is board certified as an expert in intellectual property law (Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization). His primary expertise lies in the prosecution of patents and trademarks, patent appeals, and international (PCT) patent applications. A substantial amount of his time is spent on patent reexaminations, clearance opinions, and infringement opinions. Mr. Stemer’s primary technical expertise lies in general and applied physics, in physical chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer engineering, and software applications.

Werner Stemer has published several articles and commentaries in English and in German, and he has lectured on a wide range of corresponding topics in Europe and in the United States. His publications include:

• Patentschutz in wichtigen Exportmärkten, Apfelthaler, et al.
(publ.), Facultas Verlag, Vienna, Austria 2008.

• Das Wirtschaftsrecht der USA für Unternehmensgründer,
Apfelthaler, Stemer, et al., Verlag Österreich, Vienna, Austria 2003.

• Not With a Bang, but a Whimper: The Long-Awaited Festo Decision
– Patent Café, http://www.patentcafe.com

• The Doctrine of Equivalents after Hilton Davis and Markman, and a Proposal for Further Clarification,
22 Nova L. Rev. 783 (1998).

• Protection of Intellectual Property through Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright, Dissertation,
Kennedy Western University Press (1997).

• U.S. Warenzeichen für österreichische Anmelder, Internatiale Wirtschaft
(published by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Werner H. Stemer also holds the position of the Austrian Honorary Consul General, head of mission of the Austrian Consulate Miami. For information, please visit the website of the Austrian Consulate.